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Inkster Business Directory

A full list of businesses in the City of Inkster

Business Name
Business Address
315 North
26831 Michigan Ave.
A to Z Car Care (Oil Change/Car Wash)
26380 Michigan Ave.
A to Z Car Care (Used Car Sales)
26380 Michigan Ave.
Adam J. Dadaou, P.C.
27222-27228 Michigan Ave.
Advanced Integrated Solutions, LLC
27016 Princeton St.
Advanced Resource Recovery, LLC
27140 Princeton St.
Alexander Transport, Inc.
2610 Sylvia
All Pro Cleaning Equipment
28664 Michigan Ave.
All Things Graphic & More
27214 Michigan Ave.
Alpine Motel
26131 Michigan Ave.
Andy's Auto Repair Inc. dba Autoway Repair
141 Middlebelt Rd.
Animal Care
28438 Michigan Ave.
Applewood Coney Island
28640 Michigan Ave.
Auto Zone #2121
27800 Michigan Ave.
BCS, Inc.
29265 Cherry Hill
Bentim Auto
3046 Inkster Rd.
Big Jack Auto Service
28474 Michigan Ave.
Biomat USA, Inc.
27575 Michigan Ave.
Bishop Auto Wrecking LLC
2780 Springhill
Blakes Bundles
1082 Inkster Rd.
BlueSol Biomedical, LLC
2642 Princess
Bogart's Lounge
30100 Michigan
Boost Mobil
1084 Inkster Rd.
Bossman's Barber Cutz
27309 Michigan Ave.
Brothers Quick Lube
140 Middlebelt Rd.
Brothers Services
2617 Middlebelt Rd.
Bubba's Barber Shop
1128 Middlebelt
Budget Motel
26040 Michigan Ave.
27365 Cherry Hill Rd.
Cannons Suits
2707 Inkster Rd.
Captain Jay's 115, Inc.
1121 S. Middlebelt Rd.
Cherry Hill Auto Clinic
27149 Cherry Hill
Cherry Hill Manor Apartments
167 Cherry Valley Dr.
Cherry-Belt Party Store
29395 Cherry Hill
China Hut USA Inc.
30257 Cherry Hill Rd.
Citgo Gas
29403 Michigan Ave.
Citi-Trends #314
27525 Michigan Ave.
Clayton's Kitchen
3736 Inkster Rd.
Cold Saw Recision/Coldwind Logistics
2830 Beech Daly
Colognes Family Hair
1294 Middlebelt Rd.
Corden Candy Carousel
26300 Michigan Ave.
Cricket Wireless
27360 Michigan Ave.
D & D Unisex Hair and Nail
355 Inkster Rd.
Daly Stop
2956 Beech Daly Rd.
Dartmouth Square Apartments
26382 Colgate St.
Del Rio Motel
25835 Michigan Ave.
Diamond Jade's Beauty Salon
3829 Harrison
Dollar General #19160
27425 Michigan Ave.
Dollar Tree #2368
26430 Michigan Ave.
Dream Wireless, LLC
27445 Michigan Ave.
E.A. Perto #3, Inc.
26717 Michigan Ave.
EK Liquor Store
26000 Michigan Ave.
Eagle Mobil
2660 Sylvia
Empire Glass
1065 Inkster Rd.
Environment Maintenance Engineers, Inc.
25851 Trowbridge St.
Evergreen Motel
28473 Michigan Ave.
Experts 40 Minute
1120 Middlebelt Rd.
F.M. Barber Shop
203 Henry Ruff Rd.
FCF Fish and Chicken
29375 Cherry Hill
Fade Away Barber Shop
353 Inkster Rd.
Family Dollar #22140
27335 Cherry Hill Rd.
Farmer Market
3909 Middlebelt
Fast Frank's Party Shoppe
3153 Inkster Rd.
Fearless Dance Academy
1086 Inkster Rd.
Feast Detroit
26762 Michigan Ave.
First Choice Windows
26863-26905 Michigan Ave.
Fisherman's Net
27455 Michigan Ave.
Flight Club
29709 Michigan Ave.
Foam Dome
28335 Cherry Hill
Food Max
27333 Cherry Hill
Foot Locker
27347 Cherry Hill
Gabbert's Concrete Products
28050 Michigan Ave.
Galaxy Fuel In.
780 Inkster Rd.
Gary Y. Hairston & Co.
26655 Michigan Ave.
Gas & Go Petroleum LLC
1021 Inkster Rd.
Get Max Tax
1080 Inkster Rd.
Golani Dental Center
808 Middlebelt
Gracie See
26734 Michigan Ave.
H & H Metals Company
29131 Michigan Ave.
Hairstyles by Thomas
3887 Inkster Rd.
Harrison Liquor Store
3710 Harrison
Haunted Funeral Home
3880 Inkster Rd.
Heights Inkster Pharmacy Ind.
349 Inkster Rd.
Henry VIII Lounge
1715 Middlebelt
Holt Son
27350 Princeton
In and Out Quick Lube, LLC
1150 Inkster Rd.
Independent Lifestyle
29275 Cherry Hill
Inkster Dairy Queen
26706 Michigan Ave.
Inkster Family Skating Rink
3415 Middlebelt Rd.
Inkster Tire
3440 Inkster Rd.
Isa African Hair Braiding
27305 Michigan Ave.
J & L Engineering Company
2650 Bayhan
Jaka Express African Hair Braiding
27355 Cherry Hill
Joda Inc. dba Harrison Collision
28043 Carlysle
Jon's Goodtime Bar & Grill
27553 Cherry Hill Rd.
Kellys' Auto Cars LLC
26639 Michigan Ave.
LaBelle African Hair Braiding
1563 Middlebelt Rd.
Larrys Tarpaulin Shop
3452 Beech Daly
Leon's Party Store
1313 Inkster Rd.
Liberty Plumbing Supply
29101 Michigan
M & R Kesto, Inc. dba House of Liquor
1139 Middlebelt
MJ Beauty Supply, LLC
27561 Michigan Ave.
MWA Services
347 Inkster Rd.
Marcel's Unisex Salon
646 Inkster Rd.
Maria's Coney Island
27545 Cherry Hill
Mario Gibson LLC
28661 Michigan Ave.
Market Food
3760 Inkster Rd.
Maryan Enterprises Inc.
26266 Michigan Ave.
Metro Auto Broker LLC
29118 Michigan Ave.
Metro Auto Broker LLC
29030 Michigan Ave.
Metro Waste Services
29131 Michigan Ave.
Metro liquor Plaza
27455 Cherry Hill Rd.
Michigan Auto Collision
26957 Michigan Ave.
Michigan Motel Emporium (25 Hour Store)
26017 Michigan
Michigan Tire Inc.
29245 Michigan Ave.
Midwest Recycling
26051 Michigan Ave.
Mobil Gas
780 Inkster Rd.
1547 Middlebelt
Mona Lisa Motel
28725 Michigan Ave.
Motor City K9 Solutions
26245 Michigan Ave.
Mr. Carwash
26900 Michigan Ave.
Mr. Buck's Hair Pavillion
1339 Inkster Rd.
Mr. Outlet Furniture Inc.
29865 Michigan Ave.
Murrays Real Estate
28057 Michigan Ave.
My Beauty Supply Cherry Hill Inc.
30235 Cherry Hill Rd.
Myna LLC
388 Inkster Rd.
Neighborhood Treasurer LLC
710 Middlebelt
New Millennium
30141 Cherry Hill Rd.
Nu-Core, Inc.
2424 Beech Daly
O'Reillys Auto Parts
27565 Michigan Ave.
Oak Stree Health MSO, LLC
27155 Cherry Hill Rd.
Painter & Ruthenburg
2660 Beech Daly
Papa's Pizza
1025 Middlebelt
Paradise Inn
28525 Michigan Ave.
Pearson Insurance Agency, Inc.
3627 Inkster Rd.
Penn Funearl Home
3015 Inkster Rd.
Pet Suite Retreat LLC
26245 Michigan Ave.
Plasteel Corporation
26970 Princeton
Precise Auto Repair Inc.
30243 Michigan Ave.
26700 Princeton
Premier Physicians of Michigan
333 Inkster Rd.
Proto Cast, Inc.
2699 John Daly St.
Quick Draw Tarpaulin
26125 Trowbridge
Rainbow Cleaners
1026 Inkster Rd.
Rainbow Clothing
27225 Cherry Hill
Rancho Motel
28635 Michigan Ave.
Rich Wall Custom Cabinetry Co., Inc.
2640 Princess
Royal Motors Collision
27916 Michigan Ave.
Salon 1040
1040 Middlebelt Rd.
Snappy Muffler
866 S. Inkster Rd.
Sons & Father LLC
28474 Michigan Ave.
Stardust Lounge
3736 Inkster Rd.
Stones Collision
30191 Michigan Ave.
The Flower Bowl
28661 Michigan Ave.
The Sound Explosion
3751 Middlebelt
The Station
25940 Michigan Ave.
Thompson Tower (TT-98 LDHA LP)
27727 Michigan Ave.
Tires Galore of Inkster, Inc. dba Tires Unlimited
26248 Michigan Ave.
Twin Elms Motel
25845 Michigan Ave.
U-Haul Co. of Michigan
29500 Michigan Ave.
Unloc Gardens, LLC
25907 Trowbridge
Urban Cuts
29295 Cherry Hill
VIP Wear
27485 Michigan Ave.
1475 Middlebelt Rd.
Value Battery LLC
29146 Michigan Ave.
Veritas Holdings LLC
27181 Southern St.
Veterans Cleaners
2935 Inkster Rd.
Vibing Consulting LLC
29385 Cherry Hill
Village Ford
2728 Beech Daly
Villager Inn
25925 Michigan Ave.
WWJ Form Tool Company
26122 Michigan Ave.
120 Inkster Rd.
Western Wayne Family Health Centers
2700 Hamlin Blvd
Western Wayne Pharmacy
2700 Hamlin Blvd
Whitehouse Inn
26121 Michigan Ave.
27195 Cherry Hill
Yahala Trading Company LLC
26110 Michigan Ave.
Yohanson Gage Co.
26011 Trowbridge
Your Choice Auto
1320 Middlebelt Rd.
Your Choice Auto
1320 Middlebelt Rd.
Zaman International
26091 Trowbridge
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